Saying the web has come a long way since it’s inception is an understatement, but one of my favorite things that makes a huge impact on the look and feel of your website is fonts.

Back in the day, you had a handful of fonts to choose from and they were quite boring. With the biggest choice being between Arial and Verdana, the pickings were pretty slim. Designers took to creating roll over gifs and images to add more interesting fonts to the arsenal, but as search engine optimization emerged it became more and more important to ditch images and slower page loads and give the search engines something to chew on.

And then voila! We were saved by javascript and cufon. Today we don’t only have cufon, but Google fonts, css3 and more options than we can handle. And the fonts keep coming. I have always been a little bit of a closet wannabe graphic designer so I have always loved checking out new fonts and collecting them like squirrels do nuts before the winter. I stash them on external hard drives and flash drives like someone filling up an underground bunker with food for the zombie apocalypse. So whenever I see articles like this in my Feedly stream, I have to share it.

The 100 best free fonts can be found over at Creative Bloq. Enjoy the read and let me know which font you like best, which font says “You know you love me b*tch!” and which font makesĀ  you say “Why is this lame font here?”