Google Trends

So as usual, I am sitting at my desk past the “witching” hours and rummaging around the internet when I come across an article about Google tools which people don’t know about. As I take a look, Google Trends comes up. Now, go ahead and open the link up and get ready to have some fun. I know, it doesn’t sound like it, but as Arnold said in Predator…”DO IT! COME ON!”

In every SEO campaign, the first thing which needs to be identified is the all important keyword or keyword phrase. So here is your little exam for today.

  • What is your small business’s keyword? Who are you? Some examples would be florist, lawyer, web developer, etc. You can probably refine those keywords, so for example, florist can be wedding florist.
  • Enter those words into the space that says “Add term”
  • Watch the graph appear before your eyes
  • Grab a snack because that was hard work.

What you see is the demand of those particular keywords currently and over the course of the last 8 years. So you are saying, “How is this relevant and can I just stop reading to go get something to drink because my snack made me thirsty?”

NO! Where Google Trends can help you is by giving you the data you need to make sure the right keywords are being included in your web content, your digital ads, your traditional ads.. basically all your marketing efforts, right down to your business cards. If you notice a downtrend for a particular keyword, you can act and switch up to make sure a keyword that is trending higher is used. Make sense? Kinda like watching your 401K bounce up and down.

Teamed with the Google Keyword tool, Google Trends is a great tool to help aid your SEO initiatives with valuable data and insights (and yes Google Trends used to be called Google Insights).

And yes…(please use a very thick Arnold accent when you read the following) WATCH THIS! WATCH THIS NOW!